Waterford Underwriters
About Us

As a leading provider of loan arrangement, we take pride in offering the best loan underwriting and placement services. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

Waterford Underwriters currently underwrites and places commercial loans of $1,000,000 and up nationwide in the US. We concentrate on the Southeast but are active nationwide. We simplify the often complicated process of obtaining a commercial loan or financing for your project or company. We are knowledgable
in the areas of credit policies, procedures, SBA lending, residential and commercial real estate, government subsidized lending, bonds, initial public offerings, venture capital, loan syndication, loan securitization, all phases of public and and private finance including structured lending. Although we are knowledgable in residential mortgages, we concentrate on our strength which is in the commercial arena. Our Senior Underwriter has much experience in the commercial arena having been Senior Underwriter and Chief Credit Officer for The Bank of Nashville in Nashville, TN. Prior to that he was Senior Vice President and Senior Credit Officer of a division of NationsBank ( now Bank of America ). There he reported in to his Mentor the late Sam M. Fleming of Nashville, TN who was principal shareholder of SunTrust Bank, and was one of the principal shareholders of NationBank ( now Bank of America ). Mr. Fleming was also a past
President of The American Bankers Association and Past Board Chairman of the prestigous Board of Trust of Vanderbilt University. Our Senior Underwriter's family has been in the banking business since 1825. We are active nationally but are focused on the Southeast and a radius of 600 miles in any direction around Nashville, Tn and/or Charleston, SC. One of the banks our Senior Underwiter and his family were associated with in Nashville served over 367 other banks between New York and Miami, Fl, so we are familiar with the territory in addition to Nashville and Charleston. Our Senior Underwriter Tom West is a lifetime member of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. A resume of Mr. West is available on request.